Montessori - developing happy children

Our Montessori programme is designed to fully prepare children for their next stage of schooling. Our pre-school aims to lead children to achieve a number of Early Learning Goals. These are grouped under six broad areas of learning: Personal, social and emotional development, Communication, language and literacy, Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy, Knowledge and understanding of the world, creative development and physical development.

Our Montessori classrooms are characterised by an emphasis on order, cleanliness and harmony. Classrooms are arranged to facilitate movement from one activity area to the other. Our trained Montessori teachers encourage children in different activities, making sure that only material which supports the learning development of the child is included. So no cluttered classrooms or walls at XIMS! Our Montessori classroom materials include activities for engaging in practical skills - such as pouring and spooning; materials for the development of the senses, mathematical materials, language materials, music and art materials.

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